Northern Lights

"A world class transformative performance by Mezzo-soprano Anna Cley"

EastHampton & 27east

One Health Gala

August 2019, Hamptons, USA

"In the title role, mezzo Anna Cley portrayed the strong-willed gypsy with sensual and determined self-confidence; her acting showed absolute conviction with highly musical delivery of text."

The Boston Musical Intelligencer


May 2019, Commonwealth Lyric Theater, Massachussets, USA

"To listen to and learn from Ms. Cley was a highly rewarding experience both for us and for the five excellent singers we heard. To set the tone for the class, Ms. Cley herself performed Debussy's "Nuit d'étoiles" far lovelier than we have ever heard it sung before. [...] We hope to attend more of Ms. Cley's upcoming master classes and urge all singer who sing in French to seek a place in her classes."

Voce di Meche

A la Française

December 2018, National Opera Center, NYC, USA

"The fair and slender Ms. Cley looks nothing like the gypsy Carmen so her performance of the "Habanera" succeeded brilliantly on the basis of vocalism alone and evoked huge applause. This is a dusky voice with the texture of a true mezzo, not just the voice of someone with low notes. She was similarly outstanding in the duet "Belle nuit" from Offenbach's Les Contes d'Hoffmann."

Voce di Meche

Prima Donnas in Concert at Carnegie Hall

December 2018, New York City, USA

 “The wonderful French mezzo-soprano Anna Cley gave a masterly masterclass at the American Opera Center. Ms. Cley began the evening singing "Les Berceaux" by Gabriel Fauré and set an example of exemplary singing for the five students she was about to work with. Ms. Cley has a beautiful, dark mezzo voice. [...] Each of [the singers] had made great progress from the teaching of Ms. Cley. At the end, she treated us all to her singing of the "Seguedilla" from Bizet’s Carmen. Her burnished mezzo voice made for a very sexy rendering of the aria.“

Ellen Godfrey for Voce di Meche 

A Masterly Masterclass at the National Opera Center

January 2019, National Opera Center, NYC, USA


Lincoln Center Gala

Spring 2019, Rockefeller Center, NYC, USA

Opera Singer Anna Cley performs at the Lincoln Center Alternative Investment Gala

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$1.72 Million Raised In Record-breaking Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Gala

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All the Lights

From colleagues and professionals

" I was so impressed by her exceptional devotion to the art of music making.  Ms. Cley is an important and an inspirational artist who I would hope more and more audiences would have the opportunity to experience and to enjoy."

JP Joffre

Composer & Bandeonist

" I must enhance the rare quality of Anna Cley’s voice. She is a mezzo-soprano of a very rare caliber. Her voice is warm, round, generous and deep. She has the power to captivate her audience, and to touch deeply those who hear her. I have been personally very moved by her singing and I often heard people saying how emotional she made them, or how her voice gave them chills. She has a unique and natural gift that no technics can build. Ms. Cley is an important artist who has a lot to bring to the world. " 

Chrystelle di Marco

Artistic Director of Lux Classic & Soprano

" In an era when one hears many good but "generic-sounding operatic voices, Ms. Cley is possessed of a uniquely rich, substantive, powerful and flexible vocal instrument paired with an equally gifted, trained and disciplined dramatic ability. I am speaking so emphatically because, like the renowned Maria Callas, Ms. Cley is that rare performing artist who possesses both a profound vocal and theatrical intelligence. What Ms. Cley is capable of bringing to the stage can only be de"scribed as captivating, magical and genuinely revelatory.

Extremly rare in operatic acting, she seamlessly physicalizes her genuine emotional responses." 

Marc Taslit

Comedian & Founder of ACTING OPERA

" Ms. Cley is a complete performer. She has a deep understanding of music, and was able to deliver in no time an outstanding performance. " 

Andy Lin

Artistic Director of New Asia Chamber Music Society & Violist

" She is the perfect muse for my collections: the most talented, beautiful, successful and powerful woman I could have dreamed of. Her divine powerful voice and her goddess-like look are an asset for my work. She " 

Minika Ko

Fashion designer & former pianist

" I was immediately struck by her absolute willingness to “think outside the box”. Her powerful voice and beauty of tone will be featured well in our performances. " 

 Javier Oviedo

Executive Director of Classical Saxophone Project & Saxophonist

" I was thoroughly impressed with her voice, musicianship, and stage presence and she was critical to make the show a success. " 

Ben Cockerham

Composer & Musician

" Her ambitus is remarkable with a deep, colorful and powerful voice. " 

 Epaminondas Chiriacopol


" In addition to being a strong singer and performer, Anna is charismatic, intelligent, and has a compelling stage presence, making her an unique and exciting artist to watch. " 

 Jorge Parodi


" Of the hundreds upon hundreds of singers I have know and heard in my 50 years as a professional musician, Anna possesses one of the most extraordinary natural voices I have ever heard. It is a world class instrument. "

Eugene Wisoff


" A unique talent, with a strong flexible voice which spans several octaves. " 

 Jennifer Ringo Conlon


" A beautiful dark voice. " 

 Mikhail Svetlov


" Her voice is very unique, deep and colourful, enabling a large spectrum of ranges and styles. " 

 Gregory Singer

Manhattan Symphonie's Artistic Director/ Conductor

" A stunning, elegant vocalist with tremendous intensity. A truly rare talent." 

 Tristan Cano


" I was greatly impressed by her musicanship and her beautiful voice. She is a very talented and gifted singer with a unique vocal timber. "

Alla Milchtein


" She operates on an extremely high level of professionalism, sings as if her very life depended on it and gives original, thrilling and inspiring performances always."

Napua Davoy

Brave Cool World's Artistic Director

" The perfect smoky, dark, and deep voice, wide range, and dramatic qualities required by Slavic music. "

Alexander Prokhorov

Commonwealth Lyric Theatre's Artistic Director

" Valued colleague, she is easy to work with, and always pleasant and professional in her demeanor. [...]  Ms. Anna Cley is a great operatic artist. "

Saskia Salembier

Opalescences' Artistic Director

" I was always struck by her very great stage presence, musicality, and capacity to connect immediately with the audience by the force both of her song and dramatic skills. "

Mathieu Ferey

Inspecteur de la Musique, Mairie de Paris

" Anna has a remarkable voice, rich, powerful, and an innate acting ability. An outstanding and very professionnal musician and colleague. "

Elizabeth Heuermann

NYLOT's Artistic Director

" Ms. Cley possesses a special voice with tremendous and unusual colour and resonance. [...] Ms. Cley meets musical and technical challenges directly, shifting her sound and intention to that of an international professional singer. "

David L. Jones

International Teachers/  Singers Mentor