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Anna has created the song "One step closer", a companion song of her book The Journey of the Heart, to be releaed on June 8, 2021. She is also the music creator and Director of My Hope Bear.

My Hope Bear JingleAnna Cley
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Star Cluster


Opera en code explores the power of downtempo and human voice on the human mind. The 6 tracks take the audience through a cosmic trip about the sudden changes in the world, endless breath and love. Opera en code combines electronic music and opera singing, merging new technology with old tradition to create worlds. Released on July 10, 2020.

Black Sky


Anna Cley and Ben Cockerham started to explore the combination of opera and electronic music in 2017 for a music and fashion collaboration with designer Minika Ko. From this collaboration, 3 innovative songs were born: "Origin Story", "The Goddess Lives" and "I'm in a million's people pictures". Anna and Ben then recorded them in 2018. The songs were released as a part of the album "Kovasky | Kollision" in summer 2019.

Now available on all digital music platforms.

Origin StoryBen Cockerham, Anna Cley
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The Goddess LivesBen Cockerham, Anna Cley
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I'm In A Million People's Pictures (mastBen Cockerham, Anna Cley
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The Journey of the Heart

What do you want my heart?”

And her heart replied: “Freedom.”

From floating boxes to lifesaving riddles to an enlightened mirror, The Journey of the Heart is a philosophical tale of two souls who are courageously determined to find a better fate than the one they were born into. Along the way, they learn that their past does not determine their future, and the heart is the only compass they need.

Celebrating the universal statement that our own truth is the best treasure of all, The Journey of the Heart is a beautiful reminder that no matter into what circumstances we’re born, our future is ours to write. Authored and illustrated by Anna Cley, The Journey of the Heart inspires children and adults alike to look beyond their own circumstances and bravely seek what they rightfully deserve happiness, fulfillment and, of course, love.

An audiobook adaptation for children of The Journey of the Heart is currently being developed. The adaptation intends to combine the power of music and hypnosis technique to empower children who suffered trauma, by inspiring them to heal and to trust their inner guidance. Written and imagined by Anna Cley, the project is to be produced and distributed by the non-profit Vocalise.

Sandy Beach

The calling



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